Prepare for Farmageddon!

Get fit and enjoy yourself!

This is no ordinary adventure run! Farmageddon - Revenge of the Farmyard Frolics is a twist on the original race, adding some devious new obstacles and more fun than ever before! To make sure you have the best time possible, turn up as fit and prepared as you can, then relax with a beer afterwards and relive the event...

Baaa-rilliant Workout!


Ensure you are fit to train or seek a medical professional's opinion.
Always warm up for of 5-10 minutes before engaging in vigorous exercise or stretching.

Baaa-rilliant Workout:

Walking lunges, walking high knees and lateral skips - 10 minutes.
Jog - 30-45 minute sessions.
Sprint - 10 x 100 metre, 5 x 200 metre and 3 x 400 metre.
Press ups – 2 x 25 reps.
Pull ups – 2 x 10 reps.
Squat thrusts – 2 x 25 reps.
Body weight lunges – 2 x 25 reps.
Body weight jump squats - 2 x 20 reps.

Get that core tight and strong with;
Planks – 10 x 30-60 second static holds. (not recommended with high blood pressure)
Sit ups – 2 x 25 reps.
Star jumps – 2 x 25 reps.

Repeat the above workout 2-3 times per week and increase reps and duration as the weeks go by and you may just escape the farm!!!

Alternative workout:

Drink from pitchers as opposed to pints, the extra weight will work those biceps!
Bench press the wife and kids at every opportunity, or carry friends ‘fireman’s lift’ style to and from the pub.
Carry all shopping, never take a trolley, do star jumps whist watching the soaps and always walk to the furthest kebab shop after a night on the town!
Do ironing and other household chores to the ‘Rocky’ theme tune and get a real sweat on!..

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